Bob and Puffin's Adventure

St. Patricks Primary School
June 29th 2015

There was this old man called Bob. He was the janitor of a haunted house. The haunted house was full of cobwebs and the windows were broken. Kids were scared of the house and they never went in to the garden even when a ball went in when they were playing games.

It was just a normal day and Bob was taking out the rubbish when he saw his next door neighbour, Sid. Sid was an old man and he had a big wart on his head. From that day Bob and Sid were besties.

“I see you like gardening because you have a lot of flowers in your front garden,” said Bob.

“I see you like football,” said Sid. Bob looked confused.

“Why do you have so many footballs in your garden?” said Sid.

“Those are the kid’s footballs” answered Bob. “They don’t come into the garden because they are afraid of the house.”

“What is your greatest wish?” Sid asked Bob.

“My wish is to have a talking dog called Puffin, to keep me company in the mansion,” said Bob.

The next day, Bob and Sid were gardening when they heard something from the drain. They went to look.

“WOOF WOOF! My paw is stuck, I can’t get out! I was running from the giant snake tarantula when I got stuck in the drain!” said a mysterious voice.

“What are these snake tarantula thingys?” Bob shouted down the drain.

“Please help me get out and I’ll tell you…”