Bloop-Bloop's Banishment

St Columb's Primary School P6/7An illustration for 'Bloop Bloop's Banishment' written by St Columb's Primary School p6/7

14th May 2021

Bloop-Bloop gets banished from her planet. She’s in search of help to bring back to her planet to get her punishment lifted. Bloop-Bloop has a quest to find creatures other than aliens to bring back to the planet. If she does, she’ll be allowed back into the planet.

Bloop-Bloop finds a friend and she needs five other friends to help her. She goes to planet earth and finds a wild lightswitch. It’s a wild one and no one has discovered it until she does. It’s a new species. She finds it on top of a helicopter that is upside down.

They talk for a minute and Bloop-Bloop says, “I am Bloop-Bloop, I am an alien. I need to get back to my home planet, but I don’t know how to yet.”

The lightswitch is an alien that can shapeshift and it says, “I am the lightswitch, I am an alien from another planet and I can shapeshift into anything. My name is Bulb.”

Bulb shapeshifts into a rocket and Bloop-Bloop climbs in and they blast off.

On their way, they are stopped by an angry warlord called B1265 who has the biggest ship.

Bulb can’t shapeshift. Bloop-Bloop uses her water bending skills to create a shield but it wasn’t strong enough...