Amy and the Cursed Violin

Fane Street Primary School, P6
16th September 2021


Ryan was a ghost and he was following Amy to her house. Amy’s house was near the park. On her way home, she passed by the park and noticed that one of the swings was swinging. She was confused because the park was closed and no other child should be in there. After she passed the park, she saw a car getting closer. She felt scared because there was no one in the car. How was it moving itself?

Amy slept that night and had a dream that told her that she and Ryan were connected in some way. The dream said they were connected because of who gave the violin to Ryan. Then the dream ended and she woke up. She was thinking all day about what the dream meant.

The next night Ryan appeared in her dream and said, “Give the violin back or I’ll give you a curse!”

Amy got up because she was in fear and covered herself up with her blanket. She looked for the violin and saw it floating. 

She got up and said, “Hello, is there anyone there?” She still felt scared but also brave.

Ryan got a little bit confused because he didn’t know Amy but when he saw her he felt like they were related...