SHC X Fighting Words

Students and staff at the Seamus Heaney Centre, Queen’s University together with Kelly McCaughrain (Children's Writing Fellow and great friend of Fighting Words NI) have made these wonderful ‘tiny masterclasses’ which focus on all aspects of creative writing, to help and inspire young writers.  

Flash Fiction with Kelly McCaughrain 

Kelly McCaughrain shows us how we can tell stories in just a few words, that leave our readers wanting more. 

Tiny Masterclasses | Flash Fiction with Kelly McCaughrain | Queen's University Belfast 

I Remember... with Sam Thompson 

Sam Thompson shares a very useful exercise if you ever get stuck for something to write. 'I remember' is a great way to start telling a story that only you can tell. 

Tiny Masterclasses | I Remember... with Sam Thompson | Queen's University Belfast 

People Watching with Shahminee Selvakannu 

Shahminee leads us through a useful exercise for collecting and building up characters - people watching! 

Tiny Masterclasses | People Watching with Shahminee Selvakannu | Queen's University Belfast 

Soundmaps: with Andrew Rahal 

Andrew makes a sound map of his backyard, and tells us how we might use the sounds around us in our own stories or poems. 

Tiny Masterclasses | Sound Maps with Andrew Rahal | Queen's University Belfast 

Food: with Cara Marks 

Cara reads two poems about food, and asks us to think about how food is described and enjoyed (or not!) in poems and stories. 

 Tiny Masterclasses | Food Writing with Cara Marks | Queen's University Belfast 

Point of View: with Carmel O'Reilly 

Carmel shares some stories told from different points of view, and shows how each perspective gives us different ways to understand a character or tell a story. 

Tiny Masterclasses | Point of View with Carmel O'Reilly | Queen's University Belfast 

Odes: with Milena Williamson 

Milena reads 'Ode to My Socks' by Pablo Neruda, and shares some tips for writing your own poems about the people, places, (and socks) that you love. 

Tiny Masterclasses | Odes: with Milena Williamson | Queen's University Belfast 


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