Fantastic Fictions

New writing inspired by books we love’ in partnership with Libraries NI.

Charlie and Olivia’s Bad Christmas

Micheál Martin, age 10, Co. Down

Inspired by The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, by Dr Seuss

It was Christmas Eve and the weather wasn’t overly great, it was quite windy and the rain was beating against the windows. At eight o’clock it was time for bed. Olivia and Charlie went to bed excited for Christmas, they were hoping that Santa would leave lots of presents for them in the morning...

Zoe-Anne’s Adventure

Lara Annett, age 10, Co Down
'loves David Walliams books’

Hi my name is Zoe-Anne Murphy. I am going on an adventure from the stables through the fields to a big big........ I am not going to tell you because that will just spoil the adventure...

There’s No Place Like Home

Cora McGlue and Darragh Curran, age 9, Co. Down

There once was a polar bear called Snowy. He lived in the North Pole [I know cool he got to see Santa every day]...

Clare and the Wish Dragon

Cara Roger, age 10, Co. Down

One day Clare and her dog Timmy went to the library as usual and when they walked in they heard a thumping sound from under the floor...

The Right Decision

Ibadat Sohal, age 10, Co. Derry/Londonderry
Inspired by Shadow by Michael Morpurgo

I’ve been walking for miles...


The Dark Unicorn

McKenzie Reddy, age 10, Co. Antrim
Inspired by the author, Alice Hemming

This dark tale started on a cold Halloween night, and this death stallion didn’t have a name, for he was wild, a killer.