Fantastic Fictions

New writing inspired by books we love’ in partnership with Libraries NI.

The Dibble Story featuring Wolfee

Caoimhe Morrow, age 9, Co. Antrim.                                                                                                     

Inspired by The Wolf’s Colourful Coat by Avril McDonald

Once upon a time, there was a free house elf called Dibble. Dibble had a shop on Diahgon Alley. Dibble had a friend called Wolfee...

Space Adventure

Ruby Worral, age 8, Co. Antrim.                                                                                                                    

Inspired by The Wolf’s Colourful Coat by Avril McDonald

Wolfee went outside and saw a green glowing light. He walked towards it and saw a space ship. He went inside. There was an alien inside the space ship...

Wolfee’s Friends

Alex Robb, age 8, Co. Antrim.                                                                                                                         

Inspired by The Wolf’s Colourful Coat by Avril McDonald

Wolfee was playing hide and seek with his friends. They loved playing games at Wolfee’s house...

Wolfee’s Trip to the Milky Way

Charlie Duffin, age 8. Co. Antrim

Inspired by The Wolf’s Colourful Coat by Avril McDonald

Wolfee had always dreamt of going to space. Now the day had come...

Axel and the Surfer

Mason Fisher, age 9, Co Antrim

Once upon a time there was a very weird nineteen-year-old boy named Axel. He always wore his white T-shirt and blue jeans. He loved running. If he wasn't running, he would be doing flips or jumping around...

The Villains

Miley Cunningham, age 9, Co Antrim

Enola was a normal fifteen-year-old girl, apart from the fact that she was very bad. She hadn’t always been bad. It wasn't until she was fifteen that she turned this way...

The Jungle Book

Evie, age 9, Co Antrim

To you this might not sound like a normal start to the day, but to Eve, bouncing out of her hammock, and sliding down the branch to the bathroom of her jungle treehouse was totally normal. Eve had lived in and explored the Amazon for eleven years now...

Universe and Rainbow Man

Ethan Lowry, age 9, Co. Antrim

Universe might seem like a strange name for a wizard, but when you have travelled the whole galaxy, it’s the perfect name for you. Universe was the kindest wizard around, but also the clumsiest wizard too...

Wounded Birch

Eva Simkova, Co. Fermanagh
Inspired by a poem from Slovakia

Large moon’s, golden kiss upon Birch leaves,

Birch, Birch, tell me why you cry these days and nights?...

The Christmas Chronicle

Jack Rice, age 10, Co. Fermanagh

It was a normal day, or at least I thought it was. I had arrived at school and I really wasn't looking forward to it as we had a maths test...