Wolfee’s Special Job

Ruby Beech, age 8. Co. Antrim

Inspired by The Wolf’s Colourful Coat by Avril McDonald

Wolfee suddenly woke up feeling extremely excited for school. He had made a really cool model of a ship for their Things on Water topic. He jumped out of bed and got dressed, ready for school. 

While he was walking to school, carrying his model ship in the summer sun, he met his friends. They ran over to him carrying their models. Sam the fox had a submarine, Dan the dog had a shark and Catrina the cat had a fish. They went to school talking about their models. 

They sat down in class and their teacher, Mrs Peck, who was an owl, announced, “We have a new student.” Then a penguin waddled in.

“His name is Pascal,” said the teacher. “I am going to pick a student to help him and show him around.”  Everyone put their hands up. Wolfee was the best behaved in class. Also he was….

  1. neatest
  2. fastest
  3. kindest
  4. cleverest

Sometimes he got bullied because of this. He was called names, like teacher’s pet, show-off-pants and bean-pole.  He was bullied by the bullies of the school, Ronald the rat and Ron and Ronny the identical twins. The only the difference was Ron had blue eyes. 

At playtime Wolfee was playing with his friends. Then he remembered Pascal. He looked around and saw Pascal being bullied by the bullies of the school.

He ran over as fast as he could and shouted, “Leave Pascal alone!” and the bullies ran off. Then Wolfee took Pascal over to his friends and introduced Pascal to them.

Pascal said, “Thank you for helping me when I was getting bullied.” 

Later, near the end of playtime the bullies came over. Pascal hid behind Wolfee for protection. But instead of bullying them they apologised because they knew that bullying was the wrong thing.