Wolfee’s Sleep-over

Ellie Morgan, age 8. Co. Antrim.                                                                                                        

Inspired by The Wolf’s Colourful Coat by Avril McDonald                  

Once upon a time it was a bright sunny day. Now, this starts in a little kitten’s home, well, her bedroom.

*ring ring ring ring*

“UGH, STUPID ALARM!!!” Cat shouted.

“Caaatttttt, breakfast is ready,” said mum.


When Cat got dressed and had breakfast- toast, she packed her schoolbag and set off for school.

Just as she stepped outside, she tripped on a loose tile as usual but when she was down there she found a letter addressed to her.

So of course, she opened it. This is what it said:

Dear Cat,

I would love it if you could come to my amazing SLEEP-OVER PARTY!!! There will also be a disco.

Love, Wolfee.

“Oh no! I’m scared to sleep-over at another person’s house, apart from family.”

So, Cat got up and tried to forget about the sleep-over.

It did NOT work. Wolfee, Ruby, Amy and Jazz were all talking about it so Cat walked off. Then she saw Lilly, her best friend, also a frog, sitting on a bench, head held down…