A Spooky Hallowe'en

Grace Bradley, age 9, Co. Derry/Londonderry

One Hallowe’en there was a boy and a girl called Annie and Bax who were brother and sister. They went trick or treating while their parents went to the cinema to watch a Hallowe’en movie.

They met a girl from Bax’s school called Ellie and went trick or treating with her. They saw a book in someone’s garden for decoration. Bax thought it looked cool and went over and opened it. The book started talking and cast a spell. They saw a green flash in the sky and saw people flying towards them on brooms. The people were flying towards them and Ellie told them they were witches and had risen from the dead.

The witches landed and spoke to them. “Hand over that book!”

But they said no. Suddenly a cat appeared and scrabbed the witches. The cat said, “Do not let them have the book.”

They went to Bax’s house to get some salt. The cat was called Dinks and it could talk. The witches were called Farah, Minniered and Kerry. They came to their house and took Annie. They sprinkled salt but not enough. They stole Farah’s broom and tried to fly the broom to their house. When they got there Annie was in a cage and when the witches were making a potion, they sprinkled salt on them. The witches turned to stone.

Bax, Ellie and Annie buried the book so no one could find it again. They had a big celebration.