Space Wars

Matthew Quinn, age 9, Co. Derry/Londonderry

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, a boy called Obi One Lenobi and his friend Bace Lindo became Ledis. Ledis are peacekeepers, Fource users and Light-Blade wielders who bring balance to the Fource, but all that ended when the Gith attacked.

Worlds were destroyed and civilisations were destroyed. Ledis and their armies of clone troopers fought relentlessly to bring peace. Obi One Lenobi and Bace Lindo went to Tatoowine to fight for peace. But they did not know that they would meet Bandit Din Larwan and Gith Lord Dalpotine. They landed on Tatoowine with clone captain Lex and had no idea what they were about to go up against. They walked into a cave where they saw a red Light-Blade ignite. Then, Obi One Lenobi and Bace Lindo ignited their Light-Blades. Bace’s purple blade and Lenobi’s blue blade shone in the cave. They both got ready to fight the ruthless and blood thirsty Gith Lord Dalpotine.

Din Larwin flew in on his jetpack and started shooting at the two Ledis. Lenobi and Lindo dodged and deflect the lasers back at Din Larwin. Dalpotine used force lightning and hit Lindo. Lindo got back up and saw Lenobi and Dalpotine fighting. Lindo knocked away Dalpotine’s Light-Blade and Din Larwin threw a smoke bomb and flew out of the cave.

Dalpotine was still there, then Lenobi struck him down. The Fource was at balance once again.