Dean McGriskin, age 10, Co Fermanagh

There was a boy in a small house reading a book called Fourtmares. He loved the ghosts and the people who got scared by them. He read different chapters every year when they come out. This year was different- the book was like the game he played, called Fourtnite. He read it every day but then he turned to the next page and it was blank, then blue stuff came out and sucked him in. All he could see was a black hole at the end. He got hit by something and fell asleep. He woke up in a cabin. As he slowly got up, he started feeling sick and, as much as he wanted to know where he was, he could not stand. As he went back to sleep, he was hearing ghosts and gunshots but he still fell asleep worried. He woke up again and was feeling better as he started to regain memory of what happened. Then he remembered what happened, he had got hit by an anvil when going into the blackhole. He had fallen from the sky, landing on a bale of hay when he had got lifted up by a ghost who brought him to the cabin where the ghost treated his wounds carefully.

As much as he could not believe it was a true story, he slowly walked out of the cabin looking for help. All he could see was grass and purple fog as shadows flew past him with guns. He was not sure if he should ask for help or not, so he stayed in the cabin waiting for the ghost to come back. The ghost finally came back after a day with food and water. The boy was so happy to see him because he was starving.

The ghost said, “Eat up - we have to go fight Mydaas.”

The boy asked, “Who is Mydaas?”

The ghost answered, “He is the King of Ghosts.”

The boy was frightened, thinking of the King of Ghosts.

The boy said, “Why did you save me?” and the ghost said, in a low voice, trying to make sure they didn’t hear him, “I had a dream of you beating the King of Ghosts.”

The boy screamed, “How could I beat the King of Ghosts?!”

“You are special- you have the power of all the elements- fire, earth, water and air. They call you the Real King,” the ghost said.

The boy trained really hard and got ready to fight. The ghost hoped that he was right about the boy, but just in case, he gave the boy a gun and hoped for the best. When they arrived, the ghost knew that there were traps so he helped the boy avoid the traps. Finally, making their way there, they saw the King sitting down ready to fight but so was the King of Ghosts. They started fighting and the boy felt a tingle and used all elements to beat the King. The boy won. They celebrated with joy.