The Book of Reality

Stephen West, age 10, Co Fermanagh

One day a boy called Tony was exploring when he found a cave. He decided to go into the cave and discovered a book, gold with a silver lining. He opened it to FIND… nothing. All the pages were blank, well, apart from one. It had one line- “You can write anything in this book, and it will happen.” So, Tony thought, “I will use this power for EVIL!” He wrote, “I AM THE RULER OF THE MULTIVERSE!” Now, that was easy, he thought, but not a lot of fun. Now, let me rub that out.

To have some fun, let’s do some work, he thought. Ok, now let me think of a power… I want the power of a black hole to rob a bank. OK, time to rob the bank! Using the power of a black hole, he warped to the bank, but not just any bank, it was Fort Knox! The most secure bank in the world- it looks more like a prison. It was easy to rob the bank because he used a black hole to suck away the guards and another to suck away the money.

What next, he thought? Now, let me write that I have a cool floating base. Now, let’s go, so what shall I do next? He robbed a bank and now lived in a sweet floating base. I think, for my next power I will have Telekin… telekinesis… the power to move stuff with my mind! Ok, I am here at a shop … I will take Beats, a VR headset, and, ooh, a TV with surround sound and a HD screen! Nice! And maybe this hot tub, and finally this projector and projector screen.”

Now that Tony had robbed places, he decided he would take over planets. The first planet would be Jupiter because it is the biggest planet, next would be Mars, and then Earth and so on and so forth until every planet in the Milky Way Galaxy was his. Next I will command the power of the cosmos to take over another Galaxy, and then another one, and another one, until all the galaxies are mine, ha ha ha ha, he thought. Tony then harnessed the power of the Cosmos to teleport to another dimension and take over that one, the next one, and then another one. This was just crazy, he was too powerful, but, it didn't matter, he got more and more power, like the ability to control the elements- he could do anything!

Over time, the power possessed him. If he was good, he would become evil, but as he was already evil he became evil-er, taking over every dimension. Time to take over the Multiverses! Eventually, he used the power to take over the Multiverses and he was the ruler of everything. He was so happy, but eventually Tony realised, the power of the book was better used to do good stuff, like help people, cure the sick, and give money to the homeless.