Attack of the Pumpkins

Cailen McNally, age 10, Co Fermanagh

Charlie loved Halloween, it was his favourite time of the year, dressing up in scary costumes and getting lots of sweets from trick or treating with friends. However, this year was going to be so boring. There would be no trick or treating this year, no bonfire, and no firework display, so instead he had to stay at home with his sister Wendy.

"Oh, come on Charlie, it's not that bad," Mum said. "You can still dress up and carve pumpkins with your sister."  

"How boring," I mumbled. Or so I thought! Later that evening we all went to the pumpkin patch in our town. It was full of people buying pumpkins to carve for Halloween. I saw a pumpkin that caught my eye, and, my decision made, I waited while my sister chose hers. I was quite excited at the thought of carving my pumpkin when I got home. The minute we got there; I went straight to the kitchen to carve my pumpkin with my sister joining me. I decided to carve a scary face with sharp teeth, but to my horror, as I finished carving, it came alive! Its eyes and mouth glowed a bright malicious green colour. My sister let out a blood curdling scream and it jumped off the table and ran out the door.

I ran to the window to look outside and saw millions and millions of pumpkins terrorising the children and adults, pilfering their sweets. I realised that the more sweets they ate, the bigger they grew. Suddenly I noticed they had all started bounding towards my house. I started to panic and ran to shut the door, but I was too late, they had already made their way inside. They all started to jump on me as I let out pleas for help, when suddenly... I awoke in a cold sweat, looking around my room, attempting to grasp what had just happened. Thankfully, to my realisation, as I let out a sigh of relief and lay back down, It was all just a dream!

Lesson learned, no more scary novels for me!