The Alien Invasion

Dillon McEvoy, age 9, Co Down

There was my friend and I, and we were reading our books. I was reading one about the alien invasion, and there was a picture that looked like our house. 

There was something about the house. So we went upstairs and found a wardrobe that came from nowhere. It spooked us out. We threw the clothes out of the wardrobe and pulled a lever and a portal was there. We called some friends, Oscar and Timmy.

Then we went through the portal, and there were some ALIENS! guarding the gate to their place. It looked very haunted and scary. The ALIENS HAD GUNS! It was really spooky.

A goblin was riding a monster and he was chasing us.

We saw a house that had a hole on the roof then. I looked in my backpack and found a rope. I found a hook on the ground. I stuck it on the rope. We climbed up and there was an army crate from World War 2.

 It looked too scary to open, but we opened the crate. There was a big gun, and an assault rifle  in for Oscar. We saw the monster coming. Timmy found a sniper weapon and he sniped the monster. 

There was a medic bag, and I stuck a needle in the monster. It tamed him.  We took him to be our  pet monster and found the goblin that we sniped earlier.

We changed into his goblin clothes. Now we were in disguise.  We slipped behind the security guard’s back, and kicked him. He got hurt so much that he could not talk. We never saw  the other guard who had  set off an alarm that alerted the whole place that we were there.

We were stressed out. We had to sneak our way around the place before anyone saw us. So we jumped into the UFO! That scared us a lot.

A rift appeared from nowhere and took us to a different dimension.  We were UP, UP AND AWAY into the sky, away in the air too high to look down or up. We just had to look straight ahead in order to fly the UFO.  We saw a landing pad but we were too scared to land. We hovered around the place where we wanted to land the UFO.

There it was; the land that no one had ever seen before. It was so cool. We gathered some wood for the fire and sheltered for the night in a covering made of bamboo, and we ate berries for food. They were not that nice but we got used to them. 

After a while we jumped into the UFO for some fun. We flew around the area. A rift appeared. I went into it. There it was, our homeland.

We bought a new house because we were never going into our old house again, NEVER EVER AGAIN! The new house was great. It was fully furnished too. It was class.